Santa Muerte Rosary Course

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Below is an order page button for Patreon Rosary Course downloadable files (free for my student level Patrons), as well as other community resources. You can find more information about joining a class or becoming a part of the Rosary courses.

If you are interested in attending a class, there are weekly beta classes offered every Monday evening online.

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Class Offerings:

Currently Luna offers free Beta Workshops on the Second Life Platform every Monday until the end of 2020. You can find info on these live classes in the Events Tab

Luna also offers Full Patreon Courses based off the Beta Workshop- these have more content and exclusive rosary scripts not offered in Beta and are PDF Coursebooks that can be kept digitally or printed

  • Magickal Rosary Course covers all the content about working with the Magickal Rosary but no Santa Muerte Content or Santa Muerte Rosaries- BiWeekly course

  • Santa Muerte Rosary Course covers all the content in the Magickal Rosary plus Santa Muerte Content- Weekly Course

  • Higher level tiers receive the courses as well as a physical workbook and Book of Shadows Binder and/or Book of Shadows- Weekly Course and Monthly Workbook

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On Second Life in the Santa Muerte Crypt

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Magickal Rosary Course, Santa Muerte and the Magical Rosary Course, or Santa Muerte and the Magickal Rosary Course with Physical Workbooks and BOS Binder

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**All courses in Patreon Santa Muerte Rosary Course are downloads for student level Patrons of Luna and Santa Muerte. You are welcome to purchase a course for download, but I recommend joining on Patreon for a much better value!**

I often get clients asking me for music suggestions for Santa Muerte. Enjoy these different Spotify playlists that Santa Muerte enjoys!


These playlists are active and will be added to from time to time. 

I recommend playing on shuffle!

Luna's Santa Muerte Interview

on Wine and Witches

This playlist is more chill and light

This playlist is fun, upbeat, and popular

This playlist is more hardcore

Santa Muerte often really likes it

Our Lady Death

Our Lady Death

Example Pics and How To's from Class

Wrist Rosary

Wrist Rosary

How to pray the Santa Muerte Mini Rosary on a wrist Rosary

Full Santa Muerte Rosary

Full Santa Muerte Rosary

How to pray the Full Santa Muerte Rosary on a full Rosary

My Santa Muerte Altar

My Santa Muerte Altar

Pic of my Santa Muerte altar during my dedication

Traditional Mala

Traditional Mala

The parts of a traditional Mala

Praying Mala on Rosary

Praying Mala on Rosary

How to pray a traditional Mala on a Catholic Rosary

Mala Beads Anatomy

Mala Beads Anatomy

The parts of a traditional Mala

Blessings from the bony one!

Thank you for trusting Santa Muerte and Luna to guide you on your spiritual journey!