Services With Luna Eclypse

Luna is a classically trained tarot reader, spiritual advisor, life coach, and empath with experience and training in Jungian Psychology, divinatory arts of all kinds (cartomancy, scrying, casting), energy systems and healing (Chakra systems, Kundalini, Reiki), grief work, manifestation, and psychic abilities (clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudiance, clairvoyance- in that order). She strives to provide her clients the clarity and guidance they need to navigate the difficult or trying passages of their lives with fearless and conscious choice through empowerment.

During a reading, Luna will often provide clients book recommendations, systems, or techniques that help clients get back on the path to success in their life goals. Read on for FAQ's about Luna's readings!


In a Reading, Luna will provide you with divine messages from your guides and answers to your questions to assist you on your path.

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During a healing session, Luna may use any combination of gentle hands on therapies, gemstones, essential oils, sound techniques, mantras, meditations, or color therapy.

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Take Your Pick!


Take Your Pick!


Gain insight and clarity to situations in your life and feel empowered to forge the right path in your life!

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