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Healing With Luna

Healing Sessions with Luna start at 30 minutes unless I'm running a sample healing at an event or Psychic Fair. To get the most out of a healing, 30 minutes is the recommended minimum amount of time necessary. Keep in mind a healing session could go anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Healing sessions are typically no longer than an hour and a half. If you are a first time client, its recommended to schedule your first healing session for no less than an hour to be sure there is enough time to complete the healing properly in the session. It's imperative for the body to take time to heal between sessions. Just as you wouldn't go to a Chiropractor for one huge adjustment, so too energy adjustments must be done in several sessions to be complete. You absolutely can schedule only one session, any bit of energy work helps! However to truly address the psychic, energetic, or emotional root of an issue or pattern or wounding, more than one session is needed.

I will be participating in the Reiki Wav

Reiki is a tranquil form of energy healing using light touch from the hands and meditation techniques that often puts the client into a trancelike or meditative state. We use a massage table, however your clothes remain on and we do not apply pressure as in massage. The hands are placed different positions on the body based off your healing needs, and you will notice the reiki touch is quite warm! We use a powerful form of Reiki called Sacred Flames Reiki which is designed to be used in conjunction with Chakra Healing and often makes the hands feel quite warm and soothing to a client. A pillow, blanket, sheet, or any other amenity will be provided for your comfort.

Chakra cleansing and alignment is a process conducted in conjunction with Reiki wherein we align and rebalance your energy centers within the body. This practice is very similar to forms of eastern healing using manipulation of qi or chi to align to health and healing, except we don't use things like needles used in acupuncture. We use energy techniques and reiki techniques to work with the chakras, as well as sound healing, chakra reprogramming, gemstone and color therapy, aromatherapy, and several other techniques.

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