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Forum Use and Conduct Agreement


We welcome all to this forum who come with kindness, love and peace. All who enter the forum must do so using compassion and empathy. This site is a safe space for spiritual healing, personal growth, and connection. Before posting, please double check that you are coming from a place of kindness, connection, and compassion towards others. Are you attempting to help or harm? Are you acting of your own conscious accord or are you reacting from an emotion or a trigger or a personal wound? Are you acting from a place of consciousness and purposefulness? If for any reason you feel triggered, please allow yourself some personal time and space to work through the trigger before posting or reacting online. Please ask questions rather than jumping to conclusions and please educate those who ask a question so we can be impeccable with our word. Please do not advertise on these boards without Luna's permission.

It is my goal that this forum help others and educate others to be their best self. This forum is a safe space for others to find support and kindness. All who enter in this fashion are doubly welcome! We are excited to have you as part of our community!

By joining this forum I agree to act in ways that are kind and respectful. I agree to contribute to building a community which strives to connect and build people up and support others. We are excited to meet you and welcome you as part of our likeminded community! Namaste <3

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