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Readings with Luna

Luna's readings are empathic and compassionate. She tunes into psychic impressions as well as messages from client's spirit guides as she navigates the oracle to provide clients with guidance. Each oracle is different in the information and style of reading it produces. Choose the oracle you are most drawn to.


Tarot can answer all questions under the sun, although some times it intentionally keeps a direct answer hidden as not to force a choice of path or if the querant is not ready or doesn't have all the needed information to formulate a well directed decision. Tarot is an oracle designed to give you guidance to help you achieve what you desire. Its perfect for seeing into paths and possibilities. It can predict the future as well, although the future can always change for positive or negative based on the choices you make in the present.

Astrology is an oracle either with astrology cards based on planets and signs for the archetypes, or with a map of the sky based on the archetype embodied at the time of the skymap (either an archetype you were born into or an archetype sent to teach you a more fleeting lesson as predictive astrology). Astrology is rather gentle, and is fun as we are talking all about personality and energy of the client. We also look at patterns and difficulties that were given to us at birth, this also means clients may have already worked through these patterns, however, all hardships found in the birth chart are patterns that will follow the querant through life in some fashion. Astrology can also be used for future prediction, showing areas that will be helpful, and areas that will be difficult ahead. Astrology is also very linked to chakra work. 

tea leaf readings.jpg

Tea leaf readings are more direct with predictions and timing is short term future. They do use other symbology from other oracles from time to time, and there's often a lot of psychic energy in the leaves. Also you get to drink your tea before we read the leaves!

Runes are a form of divination where the querent either chooses individual runes from the bag, or casts the entire rune set onto the table for a reading. Runes are more earthy and primal in energy that ethereal astrology readings or archetypal tarot readings. Rune staves are an old Norse magical alphabet that predates the Vikings. Psychic impressions are used as well as the messages of the runes themselves in a reading.


Chakra Readings, whether in card form (similar to oracle and tarot) or stone form (similar to runes), help show deficiancies in the chakras and give suggestions or guidelines for realignment.

Oracle cards work much the same way as the tarot cards, except each one has a slightly different energy based off the general idea of the deck. For example, my Pokemon Oracle Deck works much the same way as a tarot deck, but it's energy is literally that of Pokemon and the messages given are filtered through the lens of Pokemon terminology and energy. If you don't like Pokemon its definitely not for you! Same with angel oracles or anything else.

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