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Santa Muerte Rosary Course

**Files for this section are temporarily suspended and this page will be updated soon, but feel free to enjoy the other content here!**

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This section is a special designated area for students of Luna who are Studying Santa Muerte, her magic, and her rosary. This section contains all class info including various prayers and rosaries and pictures with instructables that are covered in classes and courses given in person and online. For more information and how to join a class, please see below!


Below is a TOC for all files and pictures, as well as a slider for some picture resources. You can find these files by clicking the button below the TOC and ask for the password in class with Luna.

If you are interested in attending a class, there are weekly classes offered every Monday evening online and one Tuesday evening per month locally.

We would love to have you attend class!

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Table of Contents Here


Santa Muerte Rosaries and how to work with the Catholic Rosary 


Malas, mantras, Buddhist, Hindu, and healing techniques with Malas


Necromancy and working rosaries for Magick with the dead


Spellwork, witchcraft, and new age or personal development techniques using the rosary


Muslim rosaries and muslim prayers using the rosary


Healing techniques using the rosary


Activating and blessing techniques for rosaries

If you find the TOC above interesting and would like to check out a class, join us!

Online every week!

Mondays at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST

On Second Life in the Santa Muerte Crypt

Click here for link

And once a month locally on last Tuesdays

Last Tuesdays at 6:30-8:30pm EST

At the Dayton OH OTO in Fairborn

422 W. Main St

Fairborn, OH 45324


**All info in Santa Muerte class files is for students of Luna and Santa Muerte, please join a class or contact Luna for more information!**

I often get clients asking me for music suggestions for Santa Muerte. Enjoy these different Spotify playlists that Santa Muerte enjoys!


These playlists are active and will be added to from time to time. 

I recommend playing on shuffle!

This playlist is more chill and light

This playlist is fun, upbeat, and popular

This playlist is more hardcore

Santa Muerte often really likes it

Luna's Santa Muerte Interview

on Wine and Witches

Our Lady Death

Our Lady Death

Example Pics and How To's from Class

Wrist Rosary

Wrist Rosary

How to pray the Santa Muerte Mini Rosary on a wrist Rosary

Full Santa Muerte Rosary

Full Santa Muerte Rosary

How to pray the Full Santa Muerte Rosary on a full Rosary

My Santa Muerte Altar

My Santa Muerte Altar

Pic of my Santa Muerte altar during my dedication

Traditional Mala

Traditional Mala

The parts of a traditional Mala

Praying Mala on Rosary

Praying Mala on Rosary

How to pray a traditional Mala on a Catholic Rosary

Mala Beads Anatomy

Mala Beads Anatomy

The parts of a traditional Mala

Blessings from the bony one!

Thank you for trusting Santa Muerte and Luna to guide you on your spiritual journey!

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